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Fox Management Group – Commercial Construction & Consulting Services

Whether you require assistance at the concepting stage, an entire workforce to complete your project, or something in between, Fox Management Group is your first choice commercial construction partner.

Fox Management Group provides Construction and Consultation services with a difference. We don’t build down to a price, we build up to a quality.


So, we not only build your project on time and on budget, but we also ensure that it’s of the highest standard with future-build techniques and a personal level of consultation second to none.

With over 21 years in the business of construction, Fox Management Group understands all aspects of construction management from the simplest shop fitouts to the most complex multi-storey residential buildings, as well as warehousing, educational, health and retail premises.

We care about your bottom line… and your reputation for quality.

From concept to design and beyond

Our work with you starts at the earliest of stages – when you have a concept of what you want to achieve.

We then help you formulate your design ideas, taking into account:

  • your environmental and sustainability obligations
  • the site constraints
  • services required and
  • your preferred building methods and materials.

bringing them to life in approval-ready architectural drawings.

We can also take on the entire construction process from site acquisition to engaging our high-quality workforce to build and manage your construction project. Our services are a true end-to-end solution – from concept all the way to post-delivery sales and settlement assistance.

Quality assurance

At Fox Management Group, we only use a small pool of exceptional professionals who share our principles:

  • Integrity
  • Pride in our work
  • Providing value for money.

We don’t go to market for every job and never shop around for the cheapest rates. Instead, we build long-term relationships with our build partners. The engineers, architects, consultants, estimators, tradespeople and other partners we work with form part of the Fox Management Group family. They choose to work with us because we not only pay them what they’re worth but also provide them with ongoing and satisfying work of the highest standard. And we work with them because they’re the best in the business.

There’s no cost-cutting at Fox Management Group, only high-quality builds that deliver great value for money.

Healthy business relationships mean healthy business

Fox Management Group values long-term relationships with our clients and partners over all else. Without healthy business relationships, everything else falls by the wayside. We all know that attitudes to deliverables and obligations in consulting differ from organisation to organisation, but at Fox Management Group, you can be assured that we deliver what we promise.

Our commitment to you is to:

  • provide excellent advice
  • consistently meet your needs
  • deliver exceptional results.

With 21 years of experience in this sector, we know our way around the business, understand the difficulties construction projects can face, and know how to save you time, stress and money.

Contact Fox Management Group today for help with all your construction consulting and commercial building needs.

consultation desktop

Consulting Services

From construction cost estimating to quality assurance, we’ve got you covered.

  • Estimating
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Systems
  • Financial Reporting and Tracking
  • Contract Management.

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